Car*pe Di*em

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Life is full of opportunities.  Some seized, others missed. The more we open our minds and center ourselves, opportunities will seem to manifest exponentially.  It's sort of like buying a new car. Once you become focused on a particular model, seemingly you see your new favorite everywhere. You begin to see with new eyes, the veil removed.

Under stress, the veil can be thick.  Sometimes, it takes a dramatic event or a word spoken by a friend that shakes us up and causes us to open our eyes.  Most times, the best opportunities lie right in front of us. If only we could see.

A great way to center yourself and improve your awareness is through mindfulness training like Tai Chi and Qui Gong.  These martial arts are rooted in the ancient study of life force energies Yin and Yang. They are related to the stronger forms of Kung Fu and other forms with similar roots.

Some have called Tai Chi and Qui Gong moving meditation.  As in other forms of meditation and martial arts, Tai Chi and Qui Gong provide the most benefit when complete focus in the present moment is achieved.    

"The Master asked his student. 'Where are you?"  The student replied 'I am here master'.  'Check yourself' said the Master, 'I don't think you are.'"

Our minds are powerful and in today's society, we are constantly thinking, analyzing, calculating and sometimes worrying.  Our minds can be in many places, past or future.  Using methods such as meditation, Tai Chi or Qui Gong, you can bring your mind back to the present moment centering yourself to regain clarity, freedom and success.   

Center yourself and seize your day!

John Fenton is an executive coach, mentor, and member of the Forbes Coaches Council and expert in leadership self-mastery.  He regularly speaks on leadership, teamwork, mindfulness and is the author of the upcoming book on the Brain-Body Connection.  You can reach John directly at or phone: 404-217-5889.  And visit his website for more information.