Energize, Empower, Execute

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Recently I along with Sarah Morrison, CEO of Shepherd Center in Atlanta, was interviewed on CEO Podcast CE Exclusive Radio.  The topics covered ranged from productivity, to managing emotions and EQ to showing appreciation.  Here are some of the highlights along with my most current views on success.

Everything Flows From You

How you show up as a leader is important.  Your organization's culture is in part defined by your actions and not just your words.  Leading authentically and effectively requires having the right mindset and I can think of no better way than to practice mindfulness and center yourself on a regular basis.  Energize your mindset for consistent peak performance.

Raising EQ

Relationships are what drive success in any organization.  Being Present shows respect and enables relationships to strengthen, building trust.  

Taking 15 minutes a day to recharge and clear the mind enables leaders to connect emotionally and raises the emotional IQ or EQ.

Interrogate Reality

The reality is that everyone has their own view of what reality is based on past experience and beliefs. Everyone has a different lens in which to view the world.  Be courageous and ask the tough questions, not from judgment but from a desire to understand.  And be prepared to interrogate your own reality.  Doing so will engender deeper commitment and loyalty within the organization.  

Appreciate and Empower

Sarah Morrison uses a hands-on approach to build trust and loyalty. She makes it a point to know the names of ‘most’ of the 1700 staff members.  “The first thing I do every single morning is look at whose birthday it is. I send them a birthday email.  I also look at people who have anniversaries with us,” making sure to recognize them.  And she uses personal "notes to home", handwritten notes to her staff acknowledging good work and expressing gratitude.

The show of appreciation, authentic and in the moment, will energize everyone in the organization and empowers them to contribute to overall success.

Own Your Mistakes

Look, we are all human and as such we are prone to make mistakes.  Chances are that you said or did something that you regret.  Take the high road and own it.  Then clean it up.  By clean it up I mean have a sincere conversation and take responsibility for your actions.  Others will forgive you and this allows for trust to continue and strengthen.  Ignoring the problem only makes it worse and over time, trust erodes and with it, the ability to execute effectively. 

Authentic Leadership

It's not easy being the leader.  It requires great courage to take bold actions in a sea of complexity in an uncertain world.  It also takes great courage to lead authentically and to challenge your own thinking.  But in doing so, you empower others in your organization to be leaders in their own right.  

The most successful teams that I have been associated with, had high levels of integrity, they challenged reality consistently and they had deep levels of trust.  Taking the time to energize yourself through mindfulness brings you closer to your authentic leadership style, empowers others in your organization to lead and succeed and enhances the success of execution on strategies.  Success for everyone is a winning game plan.

John J Fenton is a mentor, speaker, author and self-mastery expert.  He loves empowering executives to energize their businesses and their lives, manage stress and lead authentically.  John is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, BDO Alliance and is Vistage Speaker.  He speaks frequently on leadership, success and team building.  

Visit his website at www.JohnJFenton.com or contact him directly at John@JohnJFenton.com.