Reflection: Create Results That Matter

We work hard, we set vision and strategy and we hope that our tactical moves and pivots will give us the results we set out to achieve.  Sometimes things go our way.  Sometimes they don't.  If enough results turn out poorly, well, then we are definitely on the hot seat.  Results matter.

I was one of those leaders who saw the finish line and charged forward.  You see I had this illusion that I could control outcomes and I did everything in my power to get the results that I wanted.  Sometimes though we fell short and didn't achieve our goals.  

We cannot control the results as much as we try.  Many times things happen that are outside of our control.  It seems this happens more and more as our world is increasingly more complex and fluid.  It's like trying to hit a moving target, illusive and vague and out of focus.

I learned years ago how to manage the stress and the cascading waves of complexity. Caught up in the frenetic pace and desire to manage change and grow my business, I found that I needed a way to still my mind. This led me to discover Tai Chi and meditation.

I threw myself into the practice of Tai Chi. I studied weekly with a master one-on-one for over a year. I earned my black belt and became a master, volunteering whatever little free time I had to guide others. As I continued to grow I sought to master this martial art and my inward focus through meditation.

Tai Chi is sometimes called '“moving meditation”. It requires that you focus within and immerse yourself in the present moment. An essential element in getting the most out of Tai Chi or any of the martial arts or mindfulness practices is not to focus so much on the form as it is to focus on what you feel in your body. With practice, your ability to focus in the present becomes easier and easier.

Further, another important element is to practice daily or almost daily - what I call “The Power of Accumulation™”:

The Power of Accumulation says that with consistent practice, daily deposits build upon each other and expand. Think of it like compound interest. The more you deposit and accumulate, the more you will have to draw from in the future. - 5 Minute Mastery™, The Surprising Secrets for Transforming Your Stress to Success and Mastering What’s Important

The special time that I set aside each day gives me time for self-reflection. This is the time where I settle my dust and let go of the turbulence that swirls about daily. This quiet stillness helps me to center myself. Grounded in confidence I am ready to take on the day and seize it.

When you are able to quickly still your mind, you enhance your EQ, strengthen your decision-making abilities and become a more connected and authentic leader. In essence, you lead each day from the best version of you, Your Best Self.

Spending at least 5 minutes each day, you can train yourself to still your mind and improve your focus. Consistent and regular practice will pay off. And if you have more time, then take it. Tai Chi is a great method to enhance your ability to improve focus but it’s not required. All that is required is your intention and your breath.

Take 5 Minutes and simply focus on your breathing. Breathe in through your nose gently, exhale through your mouth slowly and feel the physical sensations in your body. Just feel your chest rise and fall with each breath. Bring your thoughts to the sensations in your body and bring your focus into the present moment.

Create results that matter. The daily challenges will still be there, the frenetic pace of change will still exist. What will be different, however, will be your ability to filter through the noise and to stay focused on your vision for you and your family, enabling you to live your life by your design.

John J. Fenton is an award-winning speaker and bestselling author of 5 Minute Mastery™. John leads workshops and retreats for executives and their teams on teamwork, leadership, communication, EQ and more, and he helps executives and leaders through One-On-John coaching.