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I’ve always been a hard worker and have been successful at accomplishing whatever I set out to do. Recently I’ve noticed that even though I continue to work hard, I feel like I’m not achieving the results I want. What am I missing?

From: Mark

John: I recommend you take a step back. Take some time out of the business and give yourself some time for self-reflection. What could you do differently to achieve the results you want? What could you delete that is not contributing to your success?

Then take a look at what are the five or six most important things you could do the next day that will help you move forward on your goals. Narrowing your list down to just five will be hard. It will not be easy but don’t give in to your old ways. Each day assess your success in accomplishing your top five, and create a new list for a new day. Keep planning, reassessing and taking action. With discipline and patience over time, you will see improved results.