John leads insightful and thought-provoking workshops and retreats that interrogate the status quo, build trust and enhance the quality of communications among teams.  His workshops are experiential and customized for each client integrating the latest thinking on leadership, teamwork and trust.


•  Sustainable Peak Performance through Mindfulness - The CEO's guide to effective leadership at home and at the office.  Learn about "The Awareness GapTM", assess your authentic leadership style and the "Power of AppreciationTM".  

•  The CEO & Executive Focused Approach to Living Well, Working Well and Leading Well - Feeling stressed out, frustrated or angry?  Improve your game and lead more effectively through the Art of Self-Mastery. 

•  Lead Boldly - The Courageous Approach to Achieve the Results You Want - Learn the Secrets for Bold and Authentic Conversations and High Performing Teams; Lead from a Whole New Perspective for Better Teams, Better Results.

  Built for Greatness – The Centered Approach to Building Trust in Your Organization Assess the Culture of Trust and Challenge the Status quo; Position Your Company or Organization for Greatness through Centered Alignment of Vision with Action.

 •  Everything Flows From You - Recognize that the Answers Reside Within; Leading in the Moment; the Art of Self-Mastery and Mindfulness for Clarity and Effective Problem-Solving.

•  Manage your Stress - Master your Life - Response Management for Life’s Toughest Challenges; Gain Control through Self-Mastery and Mindfulness Meditation.