John is an exceptional coach, focusing on business and health.  John engages his audience with his wisdom, energy and experience. His guidance over the years has been invaluable.  

Jodi M. Malis, C.P.A. and partner, Hancock Askew & Co.

John Fenton has been such a great help to me as my executive coach. He has helped me see that though I loved my job, I did not have balance in my life which was causing a strain on my health and within my family. John helped me learn how to relieve stress through meditation and core exercises. He also helped me tap into my soul’s desire to have the courage to make a change in my career. He guided me through the process of change giving myself permission to seek the things I deserve and truly desire. I recommend John highly to anyone wanting to improve their career and personal life  - aligning to the soul’s desire. 

Peggy Still Johnson, CEO, Executive Director, Artist and

John was a valued partner and leader in the Atlanta office.  His thoughtful and inspirational approach to leadership earned him the respect and admiration of his colleagues.

Bob Pearlman, C.P.A., Atlanta Office Managing Partner, BDO USA, LLP

John Fenton was part of the foundation that led to the building of a national championship team.  We had a saying, “To believe is to be strong”.  John believed.  He exemplifies personal strength of character and integrity.  He was a leader then and now.

Coach Howard Schnellenberger, Championship Coach and 1983 Coach of the Year

John's coaching helped me to see things from a different perspective, tap into my purpose and helped me clarify my goals.  John instilled confidence I needed to overcome the inevitable obstacles I faced. If you desire to achieve your personal or professional goals faster and more successfully, I highly recommend John Fenton.

Larry Faskowitz, Senior Sales Executive, Shoemaker & Associates, Senior Advisor - Personal Business Advisors

John is an inspiring leader who embodies our core values.  His thoughtful and insightful leadership, centered on trust, respect and integrity, paved the way to successful growth and exceptional client service.

Wayne Berson, CEO, BDO USA, LLP